beauty is happiness

Ruth - cypress, Texas
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


Now in days beauty is defined by having the perfect nose, being a size 0, having big blue eyes or the pretty, long, blond hair. That’s the typical beautiful woman according to the media and we grow up with this in our minds. We are raised playing with the pretty blond Barbie doll and on TV there’s nothing but “beautiful” girls. But what makes someone truly beautiful? Just because all of Victoria’s Secrets’ models have the perfect bodies means we need to starve ourselves to be this way? Or get plastic surgery to have the perfect breast? Or a nose job to have a better nose? Would that make us beautiful? In my opinion in some cases that is so. When I try to think of what is beautiful to me, all that comes to mind is happiness. When I’m happy I feel beautiful even if I’m not wearing makeup and my hair is all messed up. I believe beauty is all about being happy. Usually if I’m happy it’s because I’m with my family and friends. When I’m with people that love me I feel beautiful, and that is because these people love me no matter what because they love my inside. I believe beauty is defined by your inner happiness because that reflects. The people I love most in this world may not be “beautiful” in your eyes but in mine they are very beautiful, the most beautiful in the world because of the simple fact that they make me very happy and make me feel beautiful. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that one should ONLY be happy and comfortable with your natural beauty though I admire those who can. I think that if you want to get plastic surgery, or if you want to wear twenty pounds of makeup or have pink hair why not? (Anything that does not harm your health of course) and If that makes you feel beautiful why should you care what anyone thinks if you are happy? When someone does something nice for you, you learn to see beyond the outside and that’s when you see the true beauty in someone. In my humanities class we’ve been talking about beauty for weeks and we’ve been trying to define it. Out of the twenty something students in my class I can tell you that we don’t all have the same idea of beauty. When our teacher Mr. Owens first said that we were going to be talking about beauty the first things I thought of were models, fashion, the perfect body, plastic surgery, makeup and stuff along those lines but yet when he asked what we thought was beautiful pretty much everyone talked about inner beauty and how that was all that mattered. I know I lied that day and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that did. It is like instinct to say that inner beauty is all that matters because if not you’re considered a shallow person I’m human and I can’t help but to judge people and even call some ugly. I know that’s wrong and as we’ve talked about beauty I’ve realized that in a way inner beauty is all that matters. Think about it. When a woman gets plastic surgery it’s because they think that will make them beautiful on the outside and that just seems shallow but now REALLY think about it, when you think you look beautiful on the outside then you feel good about yourself and that makes you truly happy. I rather see someone I love have fake boobs and be happy than be sad and hate a part or their body because they don’t want to be judged and called shallow. As one of our class projects we had to wear a blind fold to school all day and this was to see if we could judge people not by seeing them but by their actions. When I heard about the project I thought, “well my school is small I don’t think I’m really going to see someone’s inner beauty in one day of doing this project”. But the project was exciting so I did it for fun thinking I wasn’t going to learn anything. I went through my day wearing the blind fold, my best friend walked me to my classes , people pulled pranks on me like someone hit me with a water bottle on my nose and people tripped me, all the expected stuff. But then I went to the rest room during class and I had no one to walk me. As I walked back to my class I kept on hitting myself with the walls of the hallways. I was getting really frustrated and as I was about to take off my blind fold I heard a girl say “hey do you need help?” of course I had no idea who this girl was and didn’t recognize the voice but without thinking it for even a second I said yes, I really needed the help. She introduced herself, walked me to my class and opened the door for me. Her name is Laura Contreras. I had never in my life talked to this girl and she probably has no idea that because of her, I learned something that day with the project I could have sworn I wasn’t going to get anything out of besides a couple of laughs and embarrassing moments. The fact that she offered to help me was something truly beautiful and even though I don’t know the girl I can tell she’s such a nice person. She helped me in a moment when I felt really frustrated. Though I couldn’t see her face I pictured her being a really pretty girl because of what she did for me her inner beauty makes her a beautiful girl. To think that there is people like her that would just help a complete stranger is truly beautiful especially because all the kids that didn’t understand the purpose of our project called it dumb and had fun doing mean stuff to us that day. So I think in order to be beautiful you have to love yourself even if this means only you liking how you look, if you’re happy what everyone thinks doesn’t matter. This I believe that beauty is happiness.