What I believe in beauty

mike - houston, Texas
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe Beauty is blind in millions of different ways ,Beauty is blind because all beauty is blinded by apperance gets more blinded every day. If people dint have sight they woulnt care how they look and how they appear to each other and it would make you focus on other beautys like reactions and sound and how things feal.

It also shows how much people act and abuse the abilyty of sight ,but if a person was blind they wounld not care if some one used make up or not but it will still be there withought being noticed. while being blind would cause lots of reactions on people other than your self it would cause more reactions to you because you would pay more atencion to sound and what you are doing and how things feal different than others it also changes your oppinion on some things like if some one is nice or not and who is your friend and if they are helpful.

beauty is what you are and what you think not what other people say beauty is.

thats y its blind more and more people try to make oly on thing look beautiful and makes a stander of things being beauty instead ojust being just your ideas or imagenation people say that only things or people that look or wear this are beautiful and the rest are just normal people not beautyfull or preaty but in the other hand normal has become uniche because of all of the make up people use there is hardly a person that has never used make up or got something because some one said it would look good on them no just because they like it.

beauty has been twisted and changed in a way that beaty is no longer beauty just a standered of life it has gotten blinded by how people use things not how they are but how they look. beauty is more than just looks ask any one who has been blind for a day they would say that every thing feals different and that people dont just look preaty but have a beautifull voice or have a nice personality not just look beautyfull and are nice and are good friends thouse are the other qualities of beauty not noticed but are there and have been blinded by make up and socyety and groups that say that they look preaty only if you whear make up.