I Believe in Homemade Ice Cream

David - Garden Valley, California
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in homemade ice cream.

I believe in the way homemade ice cream brings people together. As my mother begins to combine the ingredients, individual members of my family come one by one to join the preceding. By the time she has finished mixing everyone knows what is happening. Even friends from afar will come to join in the ritualistic making and enjoying of homemade ice cream.

You could even say that my belief in homemade ice cream is hereditary. I have been raised with it, partaking of its qualities and its lessons throughout my whole life. It even began before my life did. I remember hearing stories about the legacy of making homemade ice cream by the many hands of my mother’s family, and the principles that it taught her.

It is a family rule that in order to partake—you must crank. Everyone must aid the cause in order for the goal to be accomplished. As I sat and cranked on the porch steps I would listen to my mom tell the story of “The Little Red Hen”: The hen worked tirelessly in order to make her bread, all the while giving her friends the opportunity to help her, asking “who would like to help me collect the wheat?” The only response she heard being: “not I” from the duck and “not I” from the pig. When she had finished, with no help from her friends, they could not enjoy the blessing of her labor.

I believe that through hard work I can come to enjoy something great, and so it is with my family tradition. I also firmly believed that those who work diligently reap the benefits of a sweet and desirable treat. On the other hand those who do not work diligently will not receive such benefits. The ice cream always tastes better if I work for it. Just as it is with anything else that I work for in my life, I will always gain more satisfaction and gratitude from something I work hard for rather than something that is simply given to me.

As the hard working team and family finishes their deed and has completed their work then comes time to rest, time to enjoy, and time to review that which has been learned. Even as the sweetly smooth ice cream runs through their mouths preparations begin; Preparations to encounter new obstacles in life, no matter how big or how small, preparations to believe in homemade ice cream.