This I Believe

Ethan - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, morality

This I Believe

I believe that marriage should be a bond that can only be shared by a man and a woman. As you may have guessed, I don’t believe in the concept of “Same Sex Marriage.” I just do not believe it should be allowed and I think most people agree with my thoughts. This is why these laws to allow it have been having so much trouble being passed.

I believe most people think like me. People should do whatever they have to do to be happy, or to find reason. I’m not against people finding happiness in a partner of the same sex. I think if it’s what they must do to be happy in life, then that’s exactly what they should do. But that they should do so, without marriage.

Marriage is a sacred thing; it’s a special bond that should only be held by a man and a woman who are in love. It should never be allowed. Most religions consider same sex marriages a sin, if this is what it’s considered, it should in no way be passed. Over one-third of the United States population opposes the act of same sex marriages. Many believe the passage of such a law allowing this would even more greatly weaken the traditional family values that have been hit hard in our society today. Also another argument is that the gay life style should not be encouraged, research shows it leads to a lower life expectancy, physiological disorders, and much other problems including the much easier spreading of the deadly HIV.

All in all I hope you don’t take kindly to the passage of a bill to allow same sex marriage. It’s just not right. It should never happen; marriage should only be for man and woman, never for man and man, or for woman and woman.