A Love of Nutrition

Edward - Rocklin, California
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in nutrition.

Nutrition and exercise are both keystones in the path to healthy living; both of which I couldn’t have cared less about but two years ago.

At the age of seventeen I was a born and raised California boy who loved living it large: literally. Since the age of nine I had strongly disregarded my parents’ nutritious values and was too lazy to develop good eating habits. Ignorant to the meaning of a balanced meal or of moderation, I indulged in whatever satisfying food I could find until I could eat no more. By the time my parents tried to correct my eating habits it was too late. I had conformed to the ways of gluttony, sinking several pounds into a lifestyle of never ending quick-sand whose bottom was equivalent to that of death. I was 235 pounds heavy, six feet two inches tall, and still growing in every direction. My doctor told me that I could develop diabetes and that I was on the fast track to dying at the age of thirty. I was throwing my life away. I was socially inept, lacking confidence, and unable to enjoy life.

A few months after my seventeenth birthday, the newly called church youth leader challenged the young men to train for a triathlon in the summer. I began training with my friends diligently four days a week, and was astounded by the notable improvement in my health. During the summer I was impressed with my progress but still wasn’t satisfied with myself. I aspired to become greater and more fit by working hard to eat healthier and become more knowledgeable about nutrition. With my exercise and love of nutrition I was on fire. I regained my energy and never missed an opportunity to use it. I learned what it was like to be confident in all I did. My newfound happiness made me more sociable and it was apparent to all those around me. Currently, I take every opportunity I can to learn about nutrition and use it to energize my life. By combining the two keystones, my mental health also has been impacted positively in a way that I couldn’t have previously imagined possible. I no longer have any health concerns or worries as I have taken responsibility for my well-being. I believe nutrition exists so that we may live our lives in such a way that enables us to experience the opportunities the world has to offer.

I believe that the Lord has blessed me in miraculous ways. He has given me the strength and diligence to overcome anything that has come across my path. I have learned that such a small prayer can bring so many blessings. I believe that I can become anything I want to and that I have no limitations. I know that my faith and willingness has prompted me to embrace nutrition and health in my life as it has only made me stronger.