This I Believe

Jago - USA
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

This I believe, let me make my point first then maybe we can believe together. I’m sure one remembers the great rice famine of 2008? I remember where I was that day; I saw the story on the internet and chuckled briefly. Limits on rice come on now, not to mention the limit was four bags at twenty pounds apiece. Twenty pounds!?! That’s a lot of rice so image my astonishment when I turned on the telee and saw this information spread from ABC to MSNBC. “Breaking news you can only buy 80 pounds of rice at a time from Sam’s Club” Is this is a real problem, maybe for your local East Meets West? I’m sure the problem has a deeper root, like the inflation of food prices across the world, but conveying the message like this just make people panic run out and buy four 20 pounds bags of rice, and proceed to feel dense a month later when nothing happens and the story fades into obscurity. So what is it I believe? I believe the news media can be outlandish in their attempt for ratings. It’s mostly about shock value, who can we jolt into watching? It’s like checkout at a grocery store and seeing a tabloid about “Wacko Jakco having alien babies, and we have the proof”. When the election was still a red hot topic the question posed by Fox News was, Who Is Barrack “Hussein” Obama? Come now, I personally felt offended not because of my chose in parties, but the idea that someone expected me to buy into this malarkey. At the time Senator Obama had been campaigning for months before I actually heard these questions about his true identity. If there was something to be said about his background, and being some sort of sleeper- cell I’d like to think our government would’ve stepped in.

Less than a month later while Senator McCain was conducting a speech he was cut-off mid stride by “breaking news.” What could it have been, but a car chase that was happening six states away from my current location? I don’t know about anybody else, but when my politicians are lying to me (and there’s a lot of that from both parties) I at least like to hear them. That’s why I believe in doing my own research on things I’m interested in. That the way I make my decisions on any topic, I believe the mainstream media can mislead as they strive for the ratings apex.