Persevere or Perish, Make Your Choice…

Zachary - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage, death

I believe that people have two choices in the face of tragedy: step up to the challenge or shut down from the world. The human psyche is faced with challenges when its world is turned upside down. Some people are able to persevere and continue on until the next trial. These are the strong, and the leaders. Others, however, cannot face the challenge and then give up or fail. It is a choice, to be strong or to be weak, everyone has the opportunity, and it is those who take the initiative to be strong who are successful in life. The human spirit can be unbeatable and invincible, but only if the individual is willing to work through their trials even if it requires putting everything on the line.

When I was seven years of age my father was in an accident at his work and eventually passed away. This was my challenge. Who I am now is testament to the choice I would make. After his death I began to shut down. I was uninterested in all my previous joys. I did not care about the daily choices in my life. I would come home from school, be asked a variety of questions by my mother and I would respond simply with “I don’t care.” Then, at seven years old, I made the biggest decision of my life. I chose to live. I chose to continue on with my life and not let my father’s death stop me. I decided to pick myself up and face my new life and use it to become stronger. Each day is a test to the strength I possess. Everyday I think and remember my life absent of a father and how much I miss him, but I journey down the pathway that is life using my passed experiences as my foundation to stand up against any foe.

My life and its journey has been scattered with challenges to my strength as an individual. My father’s death I accredit with forming the man I am now. My life is not over. There are more challenges to be faced each and every day. I make the choice. I make the decision. I decide to be strong and face my challenges head on and give them a hell of a fight. I am strong. I will persevere. I will live my life this way and I will succeed. I believe I can. I believe in that strength. I believe in the strength of mankind.