By Way of Post

Tina - Salem, Oregon
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As one of those people who go crazy over cute stationary and note cards, I have developed quite the obsession. If a store puts cards or paper on sale, I feel compelled to purchase them. Otherwise, I merely beg my mother, who also loves the cute little flowers and adorable animal figures printed on the majority of novelty paper products. A collection of these items have gathered in my closet over the past few years, without any use. I did not know what to use them for.

I then re-discovered the amazing system known as the United States Postal Service. In the current age of email and texting, I had forgotten about it. I gladly handed over my few coins in order to purchase a stamp for my letters. I began to become more and more creative with my letters. After I sent the initial letters, I started to really have fun. And every time someone received a letter from me, they would reply saying how wonderful my letters were.

I believe that people should handwrite letters, no matter how terrible your handwriting may be. I know that when I send a letter the old fashioned way, people smile. These things I know, and live by.

I also know that creativity plays a big role. I believe that drawing pictures on your envelope will bring joy to everyone who sees it. Mixing your stationary and envelopes keeps people on their toes, creating a spontaneous and enjoyable environment. I believe that when note cards with little candy pieces bearing two eyes and a mouth pictured on the front are on sale for a mere dollar, you must purchase them without a second thought. I have sent many a letter with nothing other than a smiley face and a sticker, and I know that those might just be the best letters yet. I believe that if I could send this essay by mail to This I Believe, that I should put it in a special envelope and send a drawing as well. I will also add stickers to whatever I please.

I believe that you should always think of making someone happy. You should never only send words, but a smile or a hug too. I believe in spreading joy, by way of post.