Gabriela - Mexico
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I hate how men are always saying that women don’t know how to drive. Therefore, I believe every woman should know how to drive stick-shift. Not all men know how to do it and if a woman knows how to, he will respect her more where driving is concerned.

Before I started driving, my dad always insisted that I learn how to drive manual cars. I complained but he said “No person knows how to drive, unless he or she knows how to drive stick-shift.” Therefore I had to learn or else he wasn’t going to give me a car.

I went to classes and eventually I learned. Little did I know that my first car was going to be standard. At first I hated it because it would suddenly stop in the middle of traffic and all the cars would honk at me for making them stop. But after the first week, I loved my little Volkswagen standard Beetle. I felt as if I was in Disney’s Herbie Fully Loaded movie.

Driving stick-shift gives you an exhilarating sensation. Since you control the car and you decide not only when to stop and start but also when the motor is making to much effort. When you want to accelerate fast it doesn’t depend on the car, it depends on you and how fast you change the gears. When in the car, it is just you and him. Every other car around you is forgotten and you are free in the street. The feeling is something hard to explain.

The best thing about being a woman and knowing how to drive stick shift, is seeing the face men make when they get in your car and see the stick. I will never forget one of my guy friend’s expression because he is somebody very hard to impress. During our free hour, we were going to my house to study and I told him we could go in my car. I opened it and he got in. He suddenly turned to look at me and asked with an amazed tone of voice “You know how to drive this?” He couldn’t believe his eyes. Eventually he noticed that I did know how to drive it and from then on he wasn’t afraid that I would drive.

Now unfortunately, I don’t have the car but my dad was right when he said “Once you drive a stick-shift, you will love it forever.” There is a lot of truth in that statement.