I Believe In Death

Jim - orland park, Illinois
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death

I believe that a death brings people together. That death no matter how far or close they were to you can make you stronger and make you realize that what you have will not always be there. My uncle passed a way a few days ago and I have met the man three or four times in my life because of the relationship between him and the rest of my family. My uncle always tried to stay away from family events and my dad would still invite him and because of that my dad was always mad at him, but when my dad found out that his brother had died you could see a sign of such disappointment and sadness on his face. My father’s side of the family was never the closest but since my uncle has passed away my family has talked twice the amount they have in the last two years. They have also made plans to try to stay together. People always hold grudges against other family members and it is very sad that it takes a death to reunite them. If families were close to begin with, maybe it would not be so hard to handle a death, because you would have someone to talk to; and they would not have to worry about running into that certain someone. I have witnessed more then enough family deaths in my life and they are never something that are easy to handle, but the one good outcome that I have found so far that helps out relatives is remembering the good times they had with that relative and talking to each other about it; and when this happens it causes those certain people who have problems with another to start to get along again and realize that life is not forever and that family is the one thing you can always lean on. This I believe.