I Believe In Running

Nellie - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on December 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I Believe in Running

I love to run. I always have. As a little girl I loved chasing my little sisters, running around outside, and playing in my P.E. class. I loved the energy that I felt when running through the house, the yard, the streets or through the rain. When I was in junior high, my mother insisted that I join some kind of team. She did not care what sport I chose, as long as I participated in one. When I couldn’t make up my mind about which sport to choose, she finally suggested track. I decided it was a good idea, joined the track team and loved every second of it.

I did not join the team to compete against others, and I do not run for the thrill of winning. I run to compete against myself. Every time I run I strive to do better than my best. Whether it is by a few seconds or a few minutes, I do my best to do better. I love the way I feel, not only when I run, but after I run as well. To me, the benefit of running is more than just staying fit and healthy; it is a time for me to think clearly and to relieve my stress. Running is also my escape. When I run I feel free, relaxed and uninhibited. After I run, I feel in shape and I feel better about myself, the way I feel, the way I look. When I run I am more optimistic and kind. I am more willing to help others and I have more energy.

Once, while running, I seriously injured my knee. The doctors told me that I should probably stop running, but I would not accept that. I worked hard, patiently building up the muscles around my knees, and after some very long and frustrating months my knee healed and I went back to running. I was slow and feeble at first, but now I am a better runner then I was before. I will always love running. I will always strive to do better and to run farther and I will always love the feeling that I get when, and after I run.