I Believe in American Muscle

Danielle - Meridian, Idaho
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

One of my favorite things to do when I was a child was to go to my Grandfather’s auto body shop and look at all of the cars being worked on. I can still remember the smell of the paint and how I would walk around as my mother would talk to my Grandfather. It was such a joy, and is where my passion must have all began. I remember going to the drag races, waiting until nightfall to watch the jet-fuel dragsters light up the night, the funny cars pulling wheelies down the track, the smell of gasoline and, of course, being almost deaf afterwards.

Even without the auto body shop, I would still most likely be in love with cars. My family has always had a strong passion for them, customizing them, and takes pride in having each car being unique. My mom and I have always talked about fixing up an old beat up truck and racing it down at the track. I love the sound of engines, when I hear it I get completely absorbed. I can get so absorbed that I lose focus of everything around me. My mind blocks out everything as I picture myself behind the wheel of that car, just wishing for even one breathtaking ride!

Car dealerships and car shows are where I like to spend most my time if at all possible. I love to look at the new models, dreaming of what I would do to customize it if it were mine. At car shows I gaze at the shiny and sparkling engines, the immaculate paint jobs, the body kits, and the chrome wheels. Waiting for the day when I will be able to have my own collection. Everywhere I go I look for cars that are unique and beautiful, cars that I want to someday add to my collection of classic muscle cars.

Someday I hope my family will have the knowledge and skill to work on cars, as we will all have a project car to work on and we will work together as a family. My family will love cars as I do; and in that we will have a unity, a special family bond that not many other families have and in that we will be one.