Daniel - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

I believe in honesty. Yes honesty is a very big word when it is brought up to you in conversations and relationships. Many people can keep secrets, and you hope you never get lied to. When you meet someone and start getting to know him or her, you would like to see if they are honest. That’s a very big trait in your personality. I love to meet honest people. Trust is put into many relationships and if you can’t trust someone, then how are you suppose to live the rest of your life with them. I usually like to hang out with trustworthy people. It’s usually one of the first traits I look at when meeting new people. It’s great to have those kinds of friends. I have actually met some great friends recently that I can trust. They are fun to hang out with and very trustworthy people.

There’s a lot of trust you can put into a relationship. I have actually just become very good friends with someone and haven’t even known that person very long, but I would put trust in that person more then a lot of my other friends. It’s just awesome how I can tell that person anything and they won’t spread it, if I don’t want it to be spread. I am really big into trust; I have two friends I would trust with my life long secrets. It’s difficult to say that I can only trust two people in my life. But many are very trustworthy and honest people, but just have a big mouth and blurt it out. I can always trust my family, if I’m in trouble and I need an honest opinion, I would go straight to my parents. My parents are the most trustworthiness people in my life. But having great friends is another plus. When I’m in need of help, depending on the situation. I either go to my best friends, or I go to my parents. It’s great to have multiple people you can go to when you’re in dying need of help.

So now when you hear the word honesty, what do you think of? I have explained to you what goes through my mind when I hear the word. Now you can think about it and see what goes through your head.