The magic of 11:11 wishes

Divya - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the magic of 11:11 wishes. They’re a lesson in faith and patience. For me, making wishes at 11:11 is as much of a routine as brushing my teeth. Usually, it’s a simple wish: a good grade on an assignment or test, or just a huge carton of Ben & Jerry’s. But sometimes, a little wish can go a long ways.

I remember one of the first wishes I ever made. I was a sophomore, and my best friend didn’t want to go to homecoming. I don’t remember why I was so desperate to go and have her with me, but I was. She was set on staying home, and I had tried everything to convince her that the dance would be fun. The morning of homecoming, I made one last wish at 11:11 that she would change her mind and come. Sure enough, about 6 hours and 3 almost fires (curling irons are dangerous things) later, she was there, albeit wondering how I had managed to get here there. Little wishes like these are often the ones that make my day. Maybe its just because my wishes are things I can accomplish myself. Or maybe I’m just a really lucky person. Oh, sure, I’ve wished for impossible things. A shiny Ferrari, snow in June, things that I knew would never come true. But all the plausible little wishes I’ve made have somehow been willed into reality.

I’ve only doubted the magic of 11:11 wishes once. When I got back from my trip to England over the summer, I got the news that one of my friend’s sister s had had a heart attack and was in rough shape. Over the next couple of weeks, we hoped, prayed, and wished that she would be alright. I had so much faith in our combined spirits that I never expected them to fail; I reassured him that his sister would be ok. The night she died was the last night he ever made an 11:11 wish. She was only 17. I stopped making wishes for a while, stunned that the magic had failed her. But, I slowly realized that some things are inevitable, and no amount of prayer or hope can change them. I began to wish instead that my friend would be ok and someday be able to look past this tragic event in his life. Whether it was the wishes or just time, he began to heal, and my faith in the magic of 11:11 returned. I just knew now that sometimes magic takes a little time and patience.

Who knows if there really is magic that kicks in when the clock strikes 11:11? All I know is that it has changed my life and the lives of others around me for the better.

Maybe it is magic.

Or maybe I am just an extraordinarily lucky person.