Leigh - Sandusky, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe that we start and end with family. Beginning college this year has been a real eye opener for me. I now know how important my family truly is to me. I grew up with a sister who is eight years older than me, never being extremely close with her until she left. She now lives three thousand miles away, and I talk to her more now than I did living with her. I’ve learned over the years that I have more in common with her than I do some of my best friends. My brother is two years younger than me and is hands down my best friend. My parents got a divorce when I was very young, but I think it brought my brother and I closer together. I am also very close with my parents. My mom is the kind of person who always thinks about other people’s problems before her own. She is the least-selfish person I know. My dad is a guy who can take any bad situation and turn it into a good one. He always finds ways to make everyone happy, especially my brother and I. I talk to every member of my family at least once a day now that I am away at college. If I weren’t close to my family, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. College has taught me how much I actually appreciate having them there. Being away from them is really hard, but I know that whenever I go home, they’ll always be there to welcome me back. In a person’s life, so many things change. Every life goes through changes: new friends, lost friends, career changes, moving somewhere new. Those things may change us, but we start and end with family. I know that at the end of the day my best friend might not be there for me, but my family is always there, no matter what.