I Believe in Paying My Tithing

Teisha - Rexburg, Idaho
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have witnessed the blessings of paying my tithing many times throughout my years as a teenager. As a young girl I followed my parents blindly in paying my tithing. In the Mormon Church we make a covenant with god when we are baptized to pay a tithing on 10% of everything we earn. In return we are promised that we will be blessed eternally and always have enough money to make ends meet.

It was not until my eighth grade year that I learned of the power in obedience to this commandment. My French class had the opportunity to take a seven day trip to Europe, stopping in Belgium, Amsterdam and Paris. It seemed like the opportunity of a life time! Unfortunately, the trip was a grand total of three thousand dollars and much too expensive for my poor family to afford. My father was still in school and we had barely enough money to keep our large family going. But as I discussed the trip with my parents they told me I was free to go if I earned the money on my own. I didn’t know where I was going to get three thousand dollars in eight months time but I knew I was willing to work my hardest to obtain it. That night I knelt down in fervent prayer, pleading with my father in heaven to help me earn the money I needed. I had the strong impression that it would be very important that I continue to pay my tithing over the next several months, and that if I did, I would earn enough to go on the trip to Europe.

I quickly found plenty of odd jobs; whether it was looking after my neighbor’s ferocious dog, babysitting for several different families around town, or working at the local thrift shop a few days a week, I had a plethora of work on my hands. The work was often tedious and sweaty, but well worth it. I saved every last penny I earned. But I also made sure to heed the voice of the spirit in paying ten percent of my all my earnings. The blessings from heaven came flowing in. Not only did I earn my three thousand dollars but I earned it only six months time with two months to spare. It seemed to be a miracle but I knew I was being blessed for keeping a covenant I had made when I was baptized.

I have had many more experiences where I have been blessed for paying my tithing. Yet none stand out in my mind as clearly today as my experience from eighth grade. That year I learned the value of paying my tithing. I had gained a perfect understanding of the blessings that would come from keeping my covenant and because of that, I will be a full tithe payer for the rest of my life.