Every Girl Should At Least Have One of These

Kenitra - 40526, Kentucky
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

I believe sisters are a necessity. Not the ones from birth but the ones gained throughout a lifetime. I use incorrect grammar, incomplete sentences, and often become tongue tied, but somehow I have three “sisters” who still understand what I am trying to say. These individuals hold a special place in my heart. They were not born from the same mother or father as I was, but we share a common bond. They look up to me not because I am older but because I have matured. I have become wiser, allowing my knowledge to be whispered into their wondering ears. My “sisters” watch my every move. I understand that I am a role model to them and they have become my motivation. I try my hardest to set good examples because my “sisters” are striving to be like me. “Blood couldn’t make us any closer” is what I believe.

My mother often said jokingly, “When you see one the others are close behind and ya’ll should be joined at the hip.” My “sisters” and I went everywhere together: from church, to the mall, to the movies, and our favorite meeting place—the bathroom. No matter the location I felt security when I was around them because of the love that surrounded me. I knew that if I ever needed a place to lay my head, money, or advice, I could ask them without feeling ashamed. I have become extremely close to Sharnae, Samantha, and Lillie.

Lillie is the youngest of the group. With only a 9th grade education, she intends to graduate high school early because she has a three month old baby girl. I am her diary and inspiration. Lillie pours her heart out to me when she has troubles with her mother or her baby’s father. When her mom cannot find the time to help her with her homework, we spend hours on the phone using my daytime minutes, so she can complete her work. Lillie tells me that she is proud of me and that she wants to be like me despite my mistakes. But what she does not know is that I look up to her also. I cannot imagine being a single mother and I praise her for that. She is my little sister and when she becomes stressed I give her the encouragement she needs. I tell her the truth that she can make it and she will. Even though I have more years on her she has powerful advice that I find myself taking occasionally.

Samantha is most annoying of the three because she always wants something. This reminds me of the fact that I met her through my brothers, who can also be irritating. If she sees something she wants–chances are she will ask for it. Sam-Sam, as I like to call her, mimics how I do my hair, what I say, and how I say it. She constantly rambles through my closet trying to dress like me but with her tall frame and bigger breasts, she could not fit into my clothes if she tried. At times, I just want her to go away, but if she was gone, I would miss her endlessly. On our trips out to Wal-Mart, something or somebody always catches her attention and inspires the next laugh. Sam-Sam is great to have around when I need someone to take my mind off my problems. Considering the fact that she has two years left in high school, has been sent to alternative school, been on house arrest, and is quick to fight, she still has room for maturity. I try to help her, but sometimes she can be hard-headed and things do not go so smoothly. I believe having Sam-Sam as my friend is a necessity because we always have more room to grow, someone is always looking at me and comparing themselves, and I am never too old to laugh myself into tears.

Sharnae is the tallest of us all and the one who hides her emotions. She is eighteen years young, making her the closest one to me in age. She is not afraid of showing when she is happy or angry, but she rarely cries. Sharnae is viewed as the “good girl” of the group. She has only had three boyfriends in her eighteen years of living, and those were not extremely long relationships. Lillie, Samantha, and I make jokes about how she will never reach her goal of getting married because she has never had a steady boyfriend. This is when Sharnae shows her angry side. When I want to know something that Sharnae is hiding, it becomes a guessing game. She has a bold attitude when it comes to mimicking people and her imitations of family and friends show her playful side. I believe it is necessary to have a “sister” who is complete opposite of me.

I believe that everyone should have a similar group of sisters that provides a sense of acceptance, diversity, different outlooks on life, and multiple attitudes. These individuals should bring laughter in times of need, understanding, appreciation, and endless love. Going to college was not just hard on me, but also hard for Sharnae, Lillie, and Samantha. I become filled with excitement every time I know I am going home and that makes it hard to go through each day. Each sister provides me with something that I am missing in myself: Sharnae’s calmness and purity, Samantha’s outgoing character, and Lillie’s determination to reach higher levels in her life. Each sister makes me feel that when we are together, we provide the missing pieces the others lack.

I am blessed to have Sharnae, Lillie, and Samantha offering an ear and a hand to help me regain my focus and passion for life. Sisterhood is important because it allows friends to sit around and enjoy life. It lets us set aside our disappointments and break free from a hard day, lie back, and enjoy the realities of someone else’s life we missed out on. It is an endless connection of unity.