Caesar - El Paso, Texas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


What you don’t have a Mac? How do you can you function? I see my apple as my daily medicine. Like the old saying says an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well this apple may not be saving me from a doctor’s appointment but its sure helping me get through my daily life a lot easier. You know your living the ilife when you’re a Mac person.

Some people may think why do you care so much about a computer? Well I basically put it like this, I am a bohemian. I constantly need to be creating new things writing new poems making new songs. Unfortunately the world around me is not embracing this. If it did I would walk around with my guitar play music to anyone that will listen. This world im in is run by Academia and leaves no room for my art. At home is where I express it but I am not satisfied with only doing it at night. Every moment in the day I am yearning to write or create something and finally I got my “instrument”. My Mac Book is what keeps me focused and involved. With out it I wouldn’t be up to date on anything. With this Mac I find out about so many things around me I opens up my mind to expand beyond just El Paso. I see so many things and experience a lot of the world right on my lap.

This Mac book is my home away from home. On here I have electronic keyboards and guitars. I can write music on here. I can also make videos and edit and design pictures and graphics. My creativity is no longer limited to my home. I can now go anywhere and feel useful and connected. I feel like everything I do will always be a click away. Never again will I have to say I forgot it at home or ill show you later. I am always connected.

The joy this white notebook brings is amazing especially considering I had never been a technologically inclined person. I believe that for a person with goals and passion cannot go with out a Mac Book. This laptop is more than just a device for my space or face book. It is an answer. Anything you want to know or learn is in this 15’ inch display. Everything you’ll work on will always be with you. You’ll never have to wonder or guess anything because it is all there, on your lap.

Honestly I know it isn’t possible for everyone to have a Mac. Maybe some people just don’t like apple or can’t afford it but I see this Mac as a tool to success. You will never be left behind you will always be in control of your life. It is your life and you should never have to depend on anyone else but yourself. This notebook can give you all the tools you’ve ever needed and more. I believe that everyone should have a Mac Book because it is man’s newest best friend.