Self-Respect Is Learned: This I Believe

Sheree - Hamilton, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When my professor asked my class to write down three significant changes that we had seen in, our community, in the world, or in our selves over the past year, I was lost. I couldn’t think of any changes that were really significant to me, but then it hit me! I have noticed a significant change, in myself, and in my self-respect.

Since being in college and living in a college community I have been opened to a whole new world. Yes, I will admit in my hometown there was underage drinking, drug use, crazy parties, and unmarried teens have sex with one another. But now, in college, I am completely submerged. There used to be a point in time where I was fine with everyone living their own lives, but now I have come to realize that I am actually very uncomfortable with these dangerous lifestyles that people put themselves through.

I remember back in the first couple of days of being here, one of the girls on my floor, got drunk at some party and came back bawling her eyes out because she said that some guy had tried to “get with” her. Yet the very next night she went back out again and partied and got drunk. And now I can hear through the walls, conversations of how many guys they have had sex with, in one weekend! The sad thing is they don’t even seem to care, about themselves mostly. It’s horrible. There are so many diseases and infections that one can receive, not to mention the emotional damage. And more than likely if they are drunk, they probably aren’t asking for a past sexual history or protecting themselves, they are just doing.

So I started to get curious I took a survey to see where I match up on the scale of sexual partners in my area. Well, it turns out, in the area of my university, girls at the age of 18 have had an average, AVERAGE, of 4 sexual partners, and of all women in the area, an average of 8, I truly wasn’t surprised, but I was repulsed. Thinking that all of these women could allow this damage to their bodies, it makes me so sad, yet it has helped me.

Over the past six months, my outlook on life has changed so significantly and for the better, I appreciate all of these experiences. Because this I believe, I believe that strong levels of self respect can come from the viewing of low levels of self respect. And to all of the females out there, I hope you know that you are beautiful, no matter what, and you should respect your self, and in return others will respect you too.