Hard Work Pays Off

Adam - Manlius, New York
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: Holocaust

Ever since I was born my parents have been instilling me with good beliefs and moral values that they believed would help me become a better person. General ethics like being kind to strangers, and being polite and courteous to others have always helped me in life, but the thing I have learnt the most from, is that hard work pays off.

Ever since I was young I’ve worked hard at everything I do. Whether it’s for something as important as school, or something as simple as cleaning my room, I like to work hard, and get the task done as well as possible. I guess I could be called a perfectionist. I like things done well and how I like them, and I’ll work as hard as I need to to get them there.

Throughout my whole education so far, I’ve always worked hard. I’ve done my homework, participated in class, and studied for tests. But the reason I do this is not just because I’m supposed too. I do it so I can get the best grade that I possibly can, and so that I can have the satisfaction of knowing that I couldn’t have done any better than I did.

The feeling of accomplishment that I get when I get an A on a test, or a good grade on my report card, let’s me know that I tried my best and did well. I know that if I keep trying the way I am trying, I will get into a good college and have a good life in the future. And in the end, that’s why I try hard; a good life. I want to live to an old age and live a happy life, and I know that by trying hard now, I will be able to accomplish that goal.