The Power of Friendship

claudia - fredericksburg, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of friendship. Every person in the world should have deep friendships that matter. I believe that there is a best friend for everyone and that once you meet them, you know it from the start.

I now believe that a best friend is also your soul mate but of the friend sort. I have three best friends and I love them all very much. With these three best friends, my life was never boring and I was always on some sort of adventure with them like going to the river that was near my house to explore and take pictures. I have such great memories with them and it made me sad when we separated and went off and started new chapters in our lives. Once I went off to college though, I met a girl named Samia. I realized that you could keep on meeting new best friends which I thought was not possible.

When I met Samia, we hit it off right away. We met each other through a mutual friend that had known her in high school. I talked to her for hours and we both realized that we were basically the same person, just in different bodies. Let me tell you that this feeling is so surreal. It’s like finding your long lost twin and being reunited.

Samia and I have the same views on all subjects such as friendship, boys, love, food, and just the way that we view the world. I honestly have never met another friend that is pretty much exactly like me. We both find the oddest things to be hilarious while nobody else seems to understand why. We try to spend as much time with each other because we enjoy the company and our deep conversations. The two of us are so close and I am very thankful to have her in my life.

One day, after hysterically giggling over something that we had thought up of while hanging out, we decided to call ourselves soul mates. The title fits us perfectly. It’s kind of like best friends but more special. I never thought that I would have this connection with another person but I do see that it is possible, now if only I could find the boy version. That would make my life complete. There have been times when we have gone to each other for advice and it always goes well since we both have similar minds we can think of ways to solve our problems together. I love the fact that I have a best friend at college with whom I can relate to and just act silly with. I used to be skeptical of the idea of having a soul mate. I thought that the idea was weird that you could actually connect with somebody in every way possible. College opened me up to this experience and now I fully believe in the power of friendship.