I Believe in Unconditional Love

Kimberly - Shelley, Idaho
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

A few weeks ago as I was picking up a few necessities in the little campus grocery store, I noticed a girl handing the cashier a bag of Skittles to purchase. She looked up at the cashier and cheerily asked, “Do you like Skittles?” The cashier replied with a bored shrug and said, “I’m more of a Reese’s person myself.” The girl took the bag of Skittles back and picked up the Reese’s instead. After purchasing them, she handed them to the cashier saying, “These are for you.” She gave her a tight hug and a warm smile, saying, “You looked like you needed some love” before walking away. The cashier was shocked and for a few minutes didn’t speak. As I continued shopping I noticed the cashier could not stop smiling as she told the story to almost any co-worker that would listen.

Later that night I thought about what the girl had said to the cashier, and how she had shown such a great example of love.

Many tend to consider the term ‘love’ to be cliché and devoid of meaning, as it is thrown around so loosely these days. But I am referring to unconditional love. Love comes without judgment of race, gender, age, physical disabilities or emotional troubles. The kind of love that compels you to help a stranger pick up papers they dropped, hold open the door for the little old lady behind you, or offer a smile to someone who appears to hate the world. You may not receive a positive response, or any response at all, but you don’t know whether or not you affected that person deep down.

In a world that is driven by greed, hate, personal gain, and other corrupt ways, it is hard to have faith in humanity, but the simple acts we do to spread love to those in need helps, even if only a little. Perhaps we should refer to the classic Beatles song which states, “All you need is love.” Once again, it seems to be a cliché phrase as it is plastered over every teenager’s bedroom wall, shirts, or other random paraphernalia, but if you sit back and actually listen to the lyrics and think about the meaning of that simple, over-used line, you’ll realize just how right it is. If every single problem in this world was resolved with love, our world would not be full of war, violence or mindless hatred.

It’s far too easy to spread negativity and bitterness. Spreading love is the challenge. I try to make it a personal goal for myself to do something nice for a stranger every day. You never know how badly that person needs to know that someone does care.

Some people may claim that you can’t love someone you’ve never met. Well…You can’t hate them either. So try loving them first.