The People

Sidney - Maidson, Wisconsin
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: citizenship

We Can All Help To Make Life Better

We can make life better. People underestimate the power of themselves and how powerful we are together. But we’ve all done more that we realize.

Humans have been shaping their life and the lives of others since there were humans. We can care for others and others will care for us. We can be nice and others will be nice. We can help someone through a rough and they will help us. That’s how powerful the people are. We have such a big impact on each other, but we don’t even know it.

People are good spirited because that is how people made them. Because that’s the kind of environment they were in. Criminals steal and sometimes murder because of the environment they were in. Because we made those environments. All people have the power to change life in some way.

We probably could make an environment where everyone is nice and unselfish if we took the time to make that environment. To care for others.

You don’t change the world by getting rid of criminals, you get rid of criminals by changing the world. If we were all took time make to make a batter environment where people don’t have to steal, then there would be no stealing. And I think we can eventually, make it to just that and beyond that. If we shaped life to how it is now, than we can shape life to be something better. Because we can.