Story Telling Heals the Soul

Stephanie - Garceton, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that every person has a story to tell. And that every story needs to be heard. I believe that my story would start by saying I was in an abusive relationship and didn’t know it. I was taught the four types of abuse: Verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual and I knew all the warning signs. But I never thought, that dreadful saying, it could happen to me.

Verbally, I was always being torn down. I was told I wasn’t as good as someone else, that after him I would be so used that no one would want me, that being a little overweight no guy could look at me or love me and that I was better off with him. I was controlled. Emotionally I had convinced myself that being with him was good for me. I believed in everything he said and stuck up for him. I had my priorities all out of line. I left my family for him, breaking my number one belief: family first, because I was convinced our relationship would go back to the way it was. It never goes back. Our relationship was as it appeared and could never be anything else. Physically I was put into a choke hold while he laughed insanely in my ear saying “I’ll kill you before you ever leave me.” To this day I can remember that day as if it were only hours ago. He hit me across the face and threw me down a flight of stairs. He chased me around the house threatening me until I was able to escape. That day changed my life and gave me back my beliefs and values that I had disappeared when I lost myself in him.

After that I established rules for myself such as: not to fall in love too quickly and not to say those words unless I truly felt them. Finally I’ve found that someone I can’t live without and who turned my world around with simple humor, compassion, and above all love. So I believe in People. I believe every person has some good in them. And every person we encounter has something to teach us. I regret the situation I had put myself in, but I don’t regret the lessons I learned. I don’t regret much about life; I believe you shouldn’t live life with regrets because at one point it made you happy. I believe that it is easier to hurt, emotionally and physically, than to say goodbye. But with every goodbye there is a new beginning. I believe that every person has a story to tell; this is where mine begins: with past experiences that teach more than I had hoped to learn, friends, family, and that someone who never stop supporting and loving me, and all the happiness that had evaded me for so long.