I believe I can Fly

zachary - Lexington, Kentucky
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

People have many belief systems. Religious, political and societal beliefs often shape a person’s life path. I have a belief system that was formed as a child and is enhanced and changed through my life experiences. One such belief that I feel strongly about is pro- choice abortion.

Abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated either by choice of the mother or by a miscarriage. Abortion by choice can occur whenever a mother decides to terminate the pregnancy, usually within the first trimester of pregnancy. Abortion by choice is the most common way to terminate a pregnancy.

It is my belief that abortion should be solely a woman’s choice. Ultimately, a woman has control over her own body. She has the choice to deem what is vital or necessary for her health and well-being. When a woman gets pregnant, many issues come into play. Some women cannot afford to have a child as their finances do not warrant or support the monetary responsibility of raising a child. If living conditions are sub standard so much so that the baby’s well being would be compromised, I believe a woman has every right not to bring the baby into that environment. A woman’s goals or future ambitions could stand in opposition to the arrival of a child. especially if the mother is young and has not completed her formal education.

I grew up with the sweetest, most loving girl who had a dream to be a very successful individual in life. In high school, she started dating this guy, who was a senior at the time. Eventually they became intimate and sexually active. Everything was fine until something unexpected came along: a baby. Her family was middle class but they didn’t have anything special so it would have been hard for her manage a child and still be able to accomplish all of her dreams and aspirations. Her boyfriend’s family came from the same economic background and he had goals of furthering his education in college and beyond. She talked the situation over with her boyfriend and her parents and they agreed to get an abortion. Now she is attending Western Kentucky University and well on her way to accomplishing all of her goals. When I began this paper, I asked her if she regretted her choice to have the abortion. She responded in kind of a sad tone, that it was for the best because both her boyfriend and she were going separate ways in life and they were not at all prepared to take on the responsibility of a child.

Opinions about abortion and a woman’s right to choose sometimes divide friends, colleagues and even our nation. We all have the right to voice our opinions and support those opinions with well- researched facts. I hope that you will mold your own belief system and not let other people infringe on those beliefs.