Comfort from pets

Briannah - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe pets are the greatest comfort next to human contact. They are always there for me, and they seem to sense my mood. Whenever I’m sad, my dog stays by my side, and puts her head in my lap at any opportunity. My cats like to snuggle with me, purring away the sadness. When I’m mad my dog seems to avoid me, and my cats prowl around “guarding” me. When I’m happy they like to play games, like fetch or having me tease them with string. They always seem to know when I need them, and they are always there to lick the tears away. They are there when my heart is torn, or when it’s so full it’s overflowing with joy and happiness.

I have five dogs and two cats. The two cats are mine, and so is one of the dogs. In my life so far I’ve never really had a tragic experience or a simply amazing one either. But have still had my share of rough times, and good times. Once I got into a big fight with my best friend, and man was I hurt and angry. I stewed about it all week, my pets were avoiding me, and afraid I might explode. Then one day I realized it was my fault my friend and I were fighting. I realized that I might not get my friend back too; my heart couldn’t bear the thought. The anger left me and was replaced by sorrow. I moped around the house, my dog followed me every where, her head in my lap the moment the opportunity presented itself. I finally went up to my room and lay on the floor crying. My calico cat walked onto my stomach and began purring, her claws gently kneading into my skin. Then my black and white cat walked over and began to lick the tears away. His rough, pink tongue tickling my skin. I laughed, and knew everything was going to be alright.

Next to human comfort I would defiantly say pets are the next best thing. No matter what happens to you, they are always there. You can curl up with them and let them heal you, or let them share your joy. Their loyal nature keeps them by your side through thick and thin, and through joy and sadness. Pets are a wonderful thing, this I truly believe.