Throwing Away Lives: Just Don’t

Jason - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality, respect

Life. What is life? Is it something we should just think of as anything else such as an apple? Something that can be thrown away without hesitation? Or should it be something we should cherish? The dictionary says that life is “the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms.” Now that definition is a pretty vast one. So let me put it into words that you can understand. I believe life is the feeling of being someone. It’s the way you feel when you have thoughts, morals, feelings, etc. Everyone should definitely cherish life. That brings me to what I believe: I believe that we should not throw our lives away and be lowlifes that have no respect for your own life and someone else’s. There are many people in this world today that have thrown their lives away and have become convicts or just plain bad people. It’s very sad when something like that happens, but it is even more sad when that person is still very young and have not experienced life. There have been many situations like that. I am actually a witness to this. My father was involved in drugs and the would run into trouble with the law when he was young. He threw his life away. I will not follow in his footsteps. I miss my father very much.

Today, I see television shows that take me into the life of maximum prisons and state prisons. The shows show me what it’s like to be in a prison and be locked up. There are so many people that are in prison right now, including hundreds if not thousands of minors. In my opinion, these people have thrown their life away like throwing remaining ashes in the wind when someone dies. You might say that these convicts still have a chance when they get out of prison. But a lot of those convicts will not get out due to life punishments. I don’t think we do enough for these people even if they are hated. It’s probably not possible for all these people to regain a hold on their lives but we can definitely try. I believe that everyone has a fair chance of having a good life even if they are not the greatest people. Don’t throw away your life. Just don’t.