A Special Weakness

Alexander - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As people have always told me, “Everybody has their own special strength, and their own little weakness ”. And every time I hear that, all I can do is agree. I have my own weakness that others want to try to better, while I have also have a strength that makes me do very well with anything pertaining to it. And I don’t want to have to try to work on my weakness. In fact, I would rather keep that a weakness and have my strength match those at the top.

All my life, I couldn’t write a good essay for my life. Yes, I do know how to read and write, but I can’t write an informative essay on how Influenza affects your life. This is due to my up front nature. If I don’t like you, I tell you. If I have an argument, I will think on one thing, then enforce that until I believe it indestructible. I can’t come up with more than three reasons on something.

My strong point is math. I go straight in, and then I come out knowing I did very well. I can guarantee that if I were presented with a mathematical dilemma, I can solve it with a 95% of getting it correct. And my question to everyone else is simple. Why must I continue trying to write paragraphs on how you can save an African clan when I can try to better my math and find something new? I’m fairly certain that great mathematicians do not need to know how to write a sonnet.

I believe that someone should focus on one of their strongest subjects, while they put less effort into the other subjects. Of this, no one else on this planet can convince me otherwise. And to those that oppose this wholeheartedly, I will find something that can convince you. And, if you are just as stubborn as me, then we will be in a deadlock. That is how much I believe in this.