This i beleive

Rebecca - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe life should be lived to the fullest . I say this because life is too short for nothing happening in my life. However this I believe is true, life can be creative , there lots of things I can do that can make life better than what it could be. I mean just don’t be boarding, do something with my life, something I can do is be busy don’t be a bump in the log, I mean I only get one life and I should have fun with it

My life is important to me and new ways in life meaning , that my old life that I change was the fullest part that I can change it, to a new. I can do family things, holidays, birthday , weddings and also I can do crazy things but I shouldn’t get in trouble. I know life is complicated but I can make time,. To live my life to the fullest, I can do what I would never do or never think to do because I might like it and never stop doing it. The life choice is mine but i should make sure I love it and never give up. I believe life is my only fullest thing because at the end it’s complete.

In my life, I should find my true love and have kids and have a house that I can call ours. When I know my life is not complete make or create to finish. The world around me is what or helps me create to finish my goal of life. Live it like nothing stopping me. And when completed, keep it all-around me instill the day comes and I am ready to give it always and leave life in the past as nothing happen and say good bye. Then the day comes and I leave forever!