Holiday Cheer Should be More than Once a Year

Molly - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Ahh, the smell of cinnamon sticks and mistletoe in the air, jolly workers walk down the frigid street, Christmas time helps everyone come immune to the fierce world we all live in. The sly rude20comments tend to stop, and presents become bribes, toward grown adults. I won’t lie, I love the holidays and the cheer that floats about, but I wish it lasted throughout the entire year. As soon as the first snow arrives many people believe that’s when the true happiness starts. I believe that the happy-go-lucky attitude should follow through the entire year. How nice would it be to simply get a gift from your best friend just because she felt like it? Christmas shouldn’t have a date; it shouldn’t even have a season. The cheer should just be lit throughout the whole year.

Possibly the worst part of the holidays to me, is when New Years day comes to a roaring halt. It’s a rude reminder that the wishing and happy season is over, and it’s time to step back into the real world. Well, who says what the real world is?? A cranky worker stuffed up in a stark white office is not the ideal “real world”. The ideal real world would be when people wake up ready for work and want to meet their in-laws over supper tonight. There’s always something good in a day, it’s just training you to find them, kind of like a scavenger hunt.

Some days when I return from a long school day, my mom will have put a moist, buttery chocolate chip cookie on our kitchen table, and honestly it makes my day a million times better. Christmas should come every day for everybody, whether it’s a surprise cookie, or a new laptop on a desk, there’s good in everyday.

Everyone can do their part in making someone’s day fantastic, whether that someone is small or large. The holiday cheer shouldn’t stop in January; it should last throughout the entire year. Go ahead make someone’s day great, just stop and say hello, trust me it’ll matter to them.