The leader of my life

Jingjie - Farmington, Missouri
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I was always curious about how I can know and understand myself truly, genuinely, and objectively; however, I am not puzzled any more since I have discovered that books are the best answers to my question .

First of all, I think the taste of books can reflect one’s personality or specific mood. It is the most obvious fact that a crude criminal can’t accept the kindness of ‘the little prince’, an uneducated dullard can’t understand the significant effect of Newton’s classic theories, and a begging coward can’t appreciate the brave love of Hester and Mr Dimmesdale from ‘the scarlet letter’. The preference of books reveal the relish of people .

Moreover, in my eyes, books also influence one’s perspectives and comprehension towards the affairs ranging from everyday trivia to international sensational events. The quote “Histories make men wise; poems witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetorical contend “ from the famous British philosopher Francis Bacon can be used to illustrate my view about the power of books .

Furthermore, my own experience can be one of the numerous examples worth citing to demonstrate my conclusion explicitly. A piece of very depressed time once crashed my life, as an exchange student from China to America, that people surrounding me were those with whom I was not acquainted. No one knew me and I was familiar with none of them. Definitely no one knew what I desire to do, tried to support me, or even provide the chance to talk to me, for they belong to their own allies I was sad; I was stressed out; I was frustrated. Nevertheless, I began to make myself absorbed in books, focusing on those great people in history, thinking about the solving of difficult math sums, concentrating on the inspiring monumental novels. I am steeped in my amazing world constructed by those masterpiece written by those moral sages. Now I am making friends who sharing my interests and hobbies. I am smiling, laughing, and participating. I am happy, optimistic, and gregarious.

Through this experience, I have learned the most priceless lesson for my life: books are always the lights, the compasses, and the leaders of my life.