I belive in Darkness

Fezz - West Valley City, Utah
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Are you afraid of the dark? Look deep down in you. You will find it. Everyone is afraid of the dark somewhere in them. Now what would the world be like with out darkness. Would you still want the light?

What is darkness? Darkness to me is the leak of light. If we didn’t have light we wouldn’t see the importance of the sun. Darkness forces humans to use other senses. In the dark the eyes are useless. Have you ever been in a dark room in the middle of the night? Clothes change into objects if you let your imagination free to change objects. Branches are fingers but if you relax we see what an object really is. In darkness people believe that there is evil and criminals out side. I believe that this is more of a fear because we cannot see as well.

In to day’s world we have over glorified monster, such as zombies, werewolves, and vampires. I understand that they are good books, movies, and games but when people read and play these books- movies 105 times. (That is not an exaggeration I know someone that has read the same book over 105 books) even classics shouldn’t be read that many times for fun. Monster in old times people had things that they feared and were an explanation for a weird thing that people noticed and science was not advanced enough to give them a better understanding of the unnatural event.

Darkness is a strange and unnatural part of our lives. As kids are razed they have a bedtime and even when people are teenagers they still do not go out side in the middle of the night. Darkness like evil and hate because if we did not have darkness, evil, and hate we would not have an appreciation for light good, and love. Darkness can be a product of the light, it comes from its opposite.

Darkness is not an element but it helps all things in the world exist. Darkness and light co exist. They are the same but opposite it is a TOA idea. Light and Dark are the creators of each other.

I believe in darkness.