I believe prayer saves

Frankie - Lexington, Kentucky
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a college student at a public university, I am constantly confronted by numerous tasks and circumstances. These tasks range in level of difficulty, but one thing is constant; the work and pressure are always there. I am constantly under the stress to succeed as well as the pressure to be a well-liked and respected young man on campus. These pressures can be a lot on a college student such as myself, and under prolonged exposure to anxiety like this, a person will crack and break down. Thankfully, we have things that get us through these difficulties such as coping mechanisms and more importantly for my paper, praying and believing. While I think relaxation and meditation are good techniques, I believe the most good can come out of prayer.

For those who are not religious or those who do not pray, prayer is a means of conversing with God. The casual and standard depiction of prayer is a kid down on both knees and leaning up straight with his hands together. Though this does depict the most common and accepted view of prayer, I do not believe that it describes it as it should be. Prayer is a one on one conversation with God in which the person does any number of things including giving thanks, asking for help, and casually talking to God. Prayer tends to be a more Christian oriented thing, but it can be found in a lot more places than simply in a church. People practicing the Muslim religion tend to pray about four or five times over the course of a single day, mostly giving thanks for the beautiful life that God has bestowed upon them. Another unique fact about Muslim prayer is that every time they pray, they face Mecca, but this is not the only special and different way of praying today. Across the world, people are praying before meals to give thanks for their food, before and after football games, and in times of struggle. I personally like to pray every night before I go to bed so that I can reflect on the events that had happened that day. It is a rare occasion that I ever miss one of these prayers.

The day after I had this realization, I talked with Jeff on how he had to believe in what he was doing for it to actually work. He was unsure at first by what I was telling him, but I soon explained to him that he had to think positively about the situation for any change to occur. He took my advice and went home that night. The next day, while I was walking from one class to another Jeff ran up to and stopped me. “It really worked!” he yelled. Jeff went on to explain an event in which he had little to no odds of a positive outcome and how the situation had turned out for the better. Jeff ran off to class after our conversation, and I walked along to my next class extremely proud of not just how I had helped my pledge brother, but also what life lesson I had discovered.

No matter the situation, if you believe enough and want it with a sincere passion, a positive result will come about. Possibly the greatest example of this is the Catholic Church. When it is all broken down and all of the rituals and superficial things are taken away, only the belief of the people remains. This is why the Catholic Church exists today; this is why it has lived over 2000 years. Belief in this religion is so strong and widespread that it has outlasted tens and hundreds of wars and extreme persecutions. I believe this to be the greatest example of how strong belief in something can allow it to exist.

However, the fact is that there are few yet powerful things outside of religion that exist based on common belief in an idea. Other things besides religion are concepts such as our economy and democracy. Belief in nothing more than a thin paper dollar allows for a massive economic system that includes buying, selling, and jobs that allow people to earn a decent living. Parallel to our belief in economics is our belief in a democracy. We allow for a select group of chosen individuals to make decisions regarding the standards within which we live our lives. We trust these people to represent our beliefs as a whole and represent the values that are best for us. Our belief in these areas allows structure in our world and prevents pure pandemonium. The sad truth though is that we do not believe in enough small things for them to be possible.

An example of this is violence in our country. To most people, violence is a very bad thing, yet it will exist until the end of time. I believe this to be true because not enough people will ever believe that violence will go away, so people will still choose to be violent.

Ironic as it is, my overall statement from this paper is that I believe in believing. I feel that this is a more general saying as opposed to a more specific and personal example like prayer. I feel that this belief in believing helps me to maintain my view towards the power of prayer. Each person can have a very different way of believing, yet the important factor is the underlying positivity and belief. A great level of belief can allow a person to accomplish great tasks and overcome rigorous tasks, and with this belief inside themselves and to their cause, these people can change the world.