Thou Shall Obey Their Parents

Travis - Villa Hills, Kentucky
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Every time you do something wrong or don’t do anything at all, you probably always expect your parents to yell at you. You might be thinking, “Oh those people that punish me all the time for nothing that we’re supposed call parents?” As a child or young adult, you experiment with things both physical and mental. You may try to rebel against your parents by yelling back at them and being disrespectful or by drinking and doing things that they don’t respect at all. When your parents find out about or assume you are doing these activities they sit you down and talk or yell at you and may even punish you by taking things you like to do away. The fact is that parents only do these things to better their children. You should respect your parent’s opinions and accept their help as it will greatly impact the success of your future. In saying this, the two most important people in my life are my parents. My parents have influenced my life more than anyone to this day. I believe in obeying my parents over higher authority in any situation. My parents have raised me in a way that most of my friends weren’t raised, a nice and caring way. They raised me to where I was free to do what I want but they had some restrictions and were very informative as well. I especially believe in obeying my parents because in my religion of Christianity Jesus says that “Thou shall obey their parents,” in his ten commandments. Because of all these reasons I believe in obeying my parents in anything that they say to me, and respect the way they handle their own life as a whole. My dad, especially, constantly gave me different scenarios when I was young and told me the right way to handle these things. He would tell me stories of mistakes he had made in the past, how he handled them or how he should’ve handled them and told me that “You can only learn from your mistakes if you choose to.” He emphasized scenarios such as dealing with stealing or people picking on other kids. He consistently taught me how to stay out of trouble, and if I was in some kind of trouble, what I should do to escape from it. I feel as if the way my parents raised me influenced my decisions in life as well as the things I do and the way I deal with situations to this day. An example of how I obey my parents over an authority in my life occurred my sophomore year of high school. I transferred from a small, private, Christian high school to a large public school for a better basketball experience. Basketball is more appreciated and takes more skill in public schools being that they are more competitive in my area. My father told me prior to the season that if my coach was to call my name to put me in the game that I should not go in. He told me this because if for some reason I wanted to transfer to another school I would not be able to because I would have already played a varsity game and , in-turn, would then have to sit out a year. The first game of the season sure enough coach yelled down the bench “Travis, come on its go time”! I was shocked that the coach would call on me so early in the season. I walked up to him and said “coach I’m sorry but I can’t do it”. He looked at me and was confused. I told him “my father told me that I can’t do that”. He was furious with my answer and told me to sit at the end of the bench. After the game he was sure to give me a nice speech and yelled quite a lot. Luckily my father talked to him and explained it all. It turned out that my coach had told my dad before the season that he would not play me for a couple games just so I know that I wanted to stay at that coach’s school for sure. Everything worked out for the best in the end and I was not punished. I followed this by playing the very next game. This is a perfect example of a time when I disobeyed authority and listened to what my parents had told me to do. At the time it seemed wrong, but I feel like I did the right thing. It furthered my father’s trust in me and I gained a great amount of respect from my coach as well. I feel that everything worked out to its best potential, and if handled otherwise may have become a negative point in my life.

Not only did my parents impact my life in a huge way, but because of them I help my friends with problems and will definitely raise my kids in the same fashion as my parents raised me. I always try to do the right thing and make the right decision. Now that I don’t live at home I have more choices to make and carry more responsibility than ever. It is because of my parents that I know I am mature enough to make the right choices and keep my life on a positive, successful track. I appreciate everything that they have taught me and I thank them all the time for the person that they have made me.