Sisters are Blossoms in the Garden of Life

Rachel - South Glastonbury, Connecticut
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Sisters are Blossoms in the Garden of Life

I believe in the love of a sister, for the love of a sister is undying. Yes, we have had our ups and downs, as all sisters do. Nevertheless my sister, Aly and I find it in our hearts to forgive, something the love of a sister allows. We rip each other’s hair out and five seconds later find ourselves hugging. A sister stands by your side when the whole world turns callous and no one answers your pleas. There is no one in the world that could compare to my sister.

Growing up, we struggled through the same things. When we misbehaved, we were equally disciplined by Dad and Mom. After the deaths of our grandfathers, Nonno and Grandpa, and our lifelong pets, Willy and Magic, the same voids were left in our hearts. When Dad found the bottle of rum in my purse, it was obviously Aly’s fault, as she had borrowed my purse before I used it and left the alcohol for me to find. Okay, you caught me: I tried to sneak the rum into a concert and when Dad found it I blamed Aly. After years of trying to hide my crimes by pointing the finger at Aly, I learned a trustworthy and loving relationship of a sister was more important than being reprimanded by my parents.

Looking back on all our fights, I would have never thought Aly would forgive me for the hurt I put her through. I am deeply thankful that Aly could look past my dishonesty. She understands the difficult and painful times I journeyed through as a teenager, and has forgiven me. Since Aly’s departure to college three years ago, we’ve grown closer. And now I have started college this year moving even further away from her. While I have missed her dearly, I imagine she appreciates the time away from my constant yearning to spend every last dying moment with her. With each day apart, my respect and appreciation for Aly has grown. I could never have imagined my sister transforming into my best friend. Now that she is, I try my hardest not to let our friendship go. I hope to someday measure up to the beautiful, strong-willed, inspirational young woman she has become, the best friend Mother Nature could have chosen for me.

Sisters are like two flowers that share the same stem. Until their stem splits, they share the same roots, the same green coloring, and the same sturdy fiber. After they diverge, although they are still attached, each bud blossoms into its own self. One’s petals reach up towards the sun, while the other flourishes in the shadows of other flowers. No matter what winds brew or rains pound, the flowers will push through the storm together. I find pleasure in knowing that no matter how many people think they know Aly best, no one knows her better than her own sister. She is me, as I am her. I carry the same burdens, happiness, and triumphs as she, and I could not think of a better person to share them with.