I Believe in the Beauty of a Spider’s Web

Olivia - Arlington, Massachusetts
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: disability

I believe in cherishing little things. I believe working towards goals, no matter how small, deservers respect.

I was six when I learned a lesson a lifelong lesson and gained this belief. It all began with a small yellow spider. He was doing something I had never witnessed before.

He was building a web more impressive than the ones in Charlotte’s Web, only no hidden messages. He was creating a home from the silk he unraveled. His tiny body moved faster as he completed the final touches. I could feel his satisfaction, his pride.

I was in awe. I wanted to see it again. Without hesitation I plucked the threads, watching the web wilt onto itself… I had destroyed it. “Oh,” was the only response I had as a knot grew in my belly. “…you don’t do that.”

The realization came to me that the spider wasn’t going to rebuild his web. Not for me. He had worked so hard and I’d destroyed it.

There was nothing I could do except recognize the message that had been written in the web after all. “Let what’s beautiful be beautiful and show respect for accomplishments. Cherish the small things. Do not underestimate their importance.”

The belief I learned after my encounter with the spider, soon became more life changing than I’d imagined. Upon being diagnosed with the learning disability of dyslexia, I began to see the parallel between my efforts and the spider’s. Try as I might in my first grade class room, reading did not work for me. Dyslexia creates immense difficulties in reading, writing and spelling. It is a lifelong struggle. From the frustrated elementary schooler to the successful college student I have become, dyslexia is still a difficulty that faces me everyday.

I have had to work harder than my sister, peers and friends to reach success. Each obstacle I overcome symbolizes building more to my “web” of accomplishments. I have encountered many people who do not understand the extra amount of effort and determination I have to exhort to compensate for having dyslexia. Often times my “web” of achievements is thorn by outsiders but because of my belief learned from the spider, I can persevere rebuilding my “web”. I respect my own accomplishments, no matter how small. I refuse to be held back by anyone.

Due to my own experiences, I respect achievements of others and praise them with sincere enthusiasm, applying this same belief to all aspects in life. Anything that fills someone with pride is reason enough to cherish and respects their accomplishments, regardless of how small.

The spider put tremendous effort into building his web and I thrown it down but in doing so learned to believe in treasuring small accomplishments. This became an important belief as I had to put tremendous effort into reaching success because of my dyslexia. My small accomplishments along the way are equivalent to the spider’s web, small yet beautiful. For me, that is worth cherishing, respecting and believing in.