I believe you struggle before you succeed

Alayzia - dayton, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone struggles before they succeed. You must go through some type of struggles so you can truly experience and not take advantage of your success. The trials and tribulations that you go through should giver you the motivation to overcome and the motivations to succeed. Even though I was raised in destructive neighborhoods full of poverty with school systems that are put on academic watch, I received scholarships and grants to cover my college career. Even though my mother makes little money and she can’t afford to buy me the things I want, I’m rich in her love and she showers me in the things that I need. Even though, my mother never went to college, she is working hard to make sure that I have the life that she didn’t which gives me the motivation to do my best in college, go to Medical School, and become Dr. Ponder. Without my trials and set backs I won’t truly appreciate my success. I will be able to say I went from this to better. Everything that you go through only makes you stronger. I say this from experience. I’ve always had people in my family who never believed in me. They all gave me negative thoughts about going to a college prep boarding school for high school. They said I’d never fit in and I wasn’t smart enough. I started to believe what everyone was saying however, I started to turn all of the negativity into motivation; it made me want to go even more just to prove to people that I could do it. I graduated after four years of being there with a 3.7 accumulative GPA, honors in Spanish, and with leadership and volunteer experience. Because people didn’t believe in me, it made my graduation day more meaningful because I proved to them that I could do it. The negativity and emotional trials they put me through have me the motivation to succeed.