Eternal Family

Brittney - Toluca Lake, California
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

I believe in eternal family.

It was my first year at girls’ camp and I was new to everything.

One of the nights there, the younger girls were to go on a night hike. I walked down to the fire pit at the bottom of a big hill where the hike was going to begin. I listened to speakers talk about listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

After the talks, I went back up the hill and was placed in a small group, because we were going on our hikes at different times. When I got to my stake leader, Valerie, she told me that I needed to be blindfolded and we couldn’t talk. Confused, but obedient, I blindfolded myself and waited.

Valerie took me to a pole where I was to hold on and it was going to take me on my hike. A new voice came then. It was a very soft, sweet voice that was full of the spirit. I could tell it was my Young Women’s leader, Kathy, and all she said was, “Listen to my voice and only my voice.”

Not sure what was going on, I started up the hill. Then I heard it. Screams and cries for help filled my ears. I suddenly became very scared. I jumped as my sister Megan’s voice whispered in my ear, “Brittney. I need you to let go. You can trust me.” Then I heard Kathy’s soft voice above the blood curdling screams saying, “Listen to my voice, and only my voice. Don’t let go.”

I could hear my best friend Afton crying for help, she sounded hurt. What was I going to do? Do I trust Kathy, the closest thing to a second mum, or do I listen to Megan: my own flesh and blood and Afton, my imagined sister that was separated at birth? I was so torn and didn’t know what to do! But the spirit was telling me to hold on a little longer.

The screaming stopped and I could hear singing in the distance. When my blindfold was taken off I saw all the other young girls standing around singing hymns. Then I saw a tree that had white chocolate temples on it. It hit me then.

I had been holding onto the Iron-Rod, my leader’s voice was the Holy Ghost, the girls-my friends-they were Satin’s followers trying to get me to him.

I saw a girl who had let go sitting by herself crying. I didn’t know her, but I wanted her to be with me and be happy. At that moment I saw a group of girls run over and sit next to her so she wouldn’t be alone. I realized that I may not know all my family, because we are all brothers and sisters, but I want us to all be in the Celestial Kingdom so we can all live and be happy together. Forever. It won’t be eternal happiness without all of my family.