The Voice That Reaches Farther than Any Grasp

Stacy - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in voice. But this kind of voice doesn’t need to exist as something used to reach out to the masses and change an entire world to be important. I believe in the voice that tells others where it came from. I believe in the voice that shows off a person’s personality and holds the ability to push its owner’s personality to those further from a physical grasp.

I only recently found my own voice. At around the age of five, my voice just never wanted to come out. My frame matched me perfectly to my voice. I easily became the shortest and smallest girl in elementary school, so my voice just adapted to my size, I suppose. Too scared to speak up in school, I held on to the mentality that I would end up saying something stupid and making a fool out of myself. This fear still sometimes remains in my mind today. Luckily, or unluckily, as the years passed, my voice grew in proportion to my size. I made more friends each year, and I talked more and more until I finally reached a volume that people other than my friends and family heard. I guess one could say that my personality grew along with my height.

The real transition came somewhere throughout my middle school years, possibly when I finally reached that four foot eleven inches mark (the height that claims you are not a legal midget!). My middle school career actually started out as a nightmare. Only when I arrived did I realize the concept of seven different classes. This meant that I needed to leave my comfort zone filled with my only elementary friends that did not go to another school. Even more, it meant that getting through the day called for speaking up and forming introductions seven times. Like an epiphany, I noticed other students with the same nervousness, and somehow this calmed me. As each person gave their introduction, I immediately pointed out the “cool kids” with their confident, talkative voices that matched their fashionable clothes and fancy cell phones. I also easily pointed out students that seemed to match the strength of my own voice, otherwise labeled as “potential friends”. I assume we each held the same mindset as we all became fast friends, constantly helping each other raise our voices and create our own unique individual personalities.

Now, as a junior in high school -who has also stopped growing- I tend to speak much louder than necessary, usually by complete accident. My favorite thing to do is to just shout out a friend’s name in a hallway full of crowded people just to see if that one person heard me. Just as much, I love the feeling of a person yelling for my attention just to say hello. It gives me a feeling of acknowledgement and confidence that a voice cannot be contained by size. I believe in this confidence and I believe in this voice.