The authority of persuasive speech

David - Chattanooga, Tennessee
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of right speech at the right time. Of all the issues that happened in the year of 2008, the most significant event was the Presidential Election in the United States. Although it has been only a month since Barack Obama won the vote, the result has brought mass effects and changes to people’s morals and perspectives, and among those, even though I am not a U.S citizen, I could not be an exception.

Specifically from the election, Obama and his speech altered my views about the politics. Even though there are others issues about Obama being elected, namely the fact that he is the first black president, I want to concentrate on his speech. Without any elaboration, the speech was definitely eye-catching. I have read several articles about his presidential speech, and they all acclaimed and highly valued its quality. Therefore, for me what made it important was that the speech was positive-tone, not negatively attacking the opponents. A speech can change one’s opinion in the most efficient way. In Obama’s particular address, it was certainly persuasive.

I was drastically influenced by the fact that the newly-elected president achieved his purpose by assuring the public rather than mainly belittling the opponents. Also, I realized the efficiency of persuading, instead of insulting others.

Several other aspects of Obama’s speech could inspire me; nevertheless, nothing would get me motivated as much as his persuasive talking style. Personally, I support his way of speaking because it is simple and efficient. People even said we should learn how to speak like Obama, which deeply complements in his power of address. Additionally, and shockingly, the person who had helped writing Obama’s speech was only a 27-year old man, and he also signified the eloquence rather than the offensiveness.

In the end, I sincerely came to trust in the supremacy of the persuasive speech, specifically Obama’s. Furthermore, I will initiate to speak persuasively, not because it is the newly-elected President’s method, but for its effectiveness. I realized that in order to influence other, persuasive speech is an imperative way.