Everything with ketchup

Felipe - Texas, Mexico
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everything with Ketchup

I believe in ketchup. Since the moment I tried it, I knew that it is a food that I am capable to combine with anything. All from the delicious French fries, scramble eggs, beans, to a particular fruit like Banana. I know you are thinking that banana with ketchup is a rare combination, but it tastes amazingly delightful to me. There is no such thing as too much ketchup which makes me feels so comfortable with everything I am eating.

I remember one day in my neighborhood in which I was at noon with my friends trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. The time does not stop and our appetites were increasing. I suggested buying some hot dogs from a place where I used to go. The attendant recognized me and said “you are the guy who too much ketchup is not enough”, and I answered positively. Since then I do not remember a day in which he asked me how to prepare my hot dog. When I go to buy a hot dog there, he knows that the only thing that matters to me is too much ketchup in it.

I believe that no matter what brand of ketchup I chose, it always drives me to the same result a good tasting dish to enjoy. I have not tasted a brand in which flavor differs one to the other. But I think that if I find one with a difference, it is going to like me anyway because the essence in my mouth will be exactly alike.

I believe that I can take a bottle of ketchup and start eating it directly from the bottle. I think I do not need to mix it with other foods. The combination with other foods is not necessary because the soul of the ketchup is already in it.

I believe in the power of ketchup to fix any unpleasant flavor in a dish. When I go to McDonald’s, Burger King or any fast food place where I can get a hamburger I like to replace the mustard flavor because it dislikes to me. So I add too much ketchup. When I order my hamburger via drive-thru I request for some extra ketchup bags.

Sometimes I start thinking how to solve problems in life. I think that the best way to do it is by attaching those troubles in a meal and squeeze some ketchup in it. This makes me feel better and it takes my stress away.

To conclude, I can say that I am going to eat ketchup forever. The flavor, the texture and the fact that I can mix it with every food are the reasons why I have ketchup in the top of my foods.