This I Believe in Prayer

Jordan - San Rafael, California
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in prayer. Prayer is something that a lot of people know nothing about because they haven’t realized is what faith can do for them. Every day I am a man who carries a glimpse of hope on my shoulders while always keeping a constant grasp of my faith. My faith was a weekly exercise proving my love and devotion for God. I was raised a Roman Catholic who went to church every Sunday in order to keep a strong head of faith, but my faith got significantly stronger when my Uncle Ralph and Aunt Susie were robbed, tortured, and then shot to death. Ever since this dreadful day in my family, my laziness as put a damper on my faith. Living a generally simply life, I make sure that I always pray before I go to bed any time when I feel as the faith needs to be restored.

When my Uncle Ralph and Aunt Susie were dead I didn’t really have a strong grasp on my faith. Knowing that some of my close loved ones were brutally murdered in premeditation turned my whole life around suddenly. They never even came close to solving the case or having suspects, which makes the scenario impossible to swallow. Every night I make sure that I habitually pray for my aunt and uncle hoping that there deaths will be solved and provide closure for my disturbed family, but I am consistently a man of making sure that my beliefs of faith remain between prayer and me.

I am almost certain that my faith has helped me be a better person. My relationship with God has grown so strong that the spiritual bond could never be apparent to the human eye. I feel like I can tell him anything, or talk about anything in prayer. I promised myself no matter what I lose in my life, I would never lose my faith because I feel like I would be letting my uncle and aunt down. They expect me to pray for them daily and have an understanding of how strong faith can be.

Both my aunt and uncle valued their lives greatly and did everything to the fullest. My bond with them started when I stayed with them for a week during the holidays when I was younger. I became very close with both them and learned how much they care about me has their nephew. In that week we went ice-skating, bowling, and we went to the best ice cream parlor in the world. Our love for each other grew stronger that I every thought it would. The last thing that that my Uncle Ralph and Aunt Susie said to me, “What every you do in your life, no matter what it is, always find a place for prayer.”

The beauty of having freedom is that we get to choose which road we go down. In my life I have strong faith in the Catholic Church. My beliefs in prayer only grow stronger as I get older.