Believing in Luck

Alyssa - Waterford, Vermont
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in beliefs. It may not be the most influential statement, but because I am only eighteen I haven’t had as many significant experiences in my life to form the beliefs of older and wiser people. However, what I believe in most is luck. Maybe this comes from my being one of ‘those kids’ who always won contests, money on scratch tickets, and even got picked at magic shows.

I blame my good fortune on luck because the outcomes of these situations are seemingly out of my control. All the same, I do my best to get as much luck as I possibly can. I believe whole-heartedly in fortune cookies, thinking they’ll only be completely true if I eat the whole cookie. I make wishes whenever I see 11:11 and any other triple-digit time and I always pray to St. Anthony if I’ve lost something, whether it is important or insignificant. I even knock on wood if I feel I need a little extra luck.

Now I know these are just superstitions and couldn’t possibly help. This past summer I learned the superstition of knocking on wood comes from when people believed the gods lived in trees and they would knock to get their attention. This seems utter blasphemy to me, but I continue to knock, as well as wish, pray, and eat my cookies.

I believe in believing in luck because it gives me something to focus on when the odds are out of my favor. When my grandfather was in the hospital for quintuple bypass surgery this past summer I first prayed to God, but I continued to wish upon the time because I felt as though he could use as much luck as I could give him. Perhaps my luck is just a type of positive thinking, but it allows me to put events that are out of my control back in my hands, even in the most trivial ways. My prayers and luck probably did not save my grandfather. He probably put the entirety of his life in the hands of the surgeon that day, but by being able to wish that he would be fine I was able calm down and accept whatever happened.

The luck in my life has had both its ups and downs, but overall luck has been in my favor. My belief in luck gives me something to focus on when I want to give up. Believing in luck, both good in bad, allows me to know that the bad will always get better because luck is always changing and there is always something I can do to get more.