Estuardo - Saint Paul, Minnesota
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in soulmates.

A person who matches your every characteristic, a person who thinks like you think, a person who makes you smile at every word they say. Feeling complete in yourself and complete together, at once. All that is left is to find this person.

I believe that I have found this person.

Attending college for my first year has been a new experience for me. Planning ahead for a desired future, maintaining responsibility, and carrying it all out has become part of my daily life now that I’ve reached the end of the First semester. During Thanksgiving break a friend went home and brought a copy of the Peanut Gallery, a small book with student pictures and information, with her to her hometown in South Dakota. A friend of hers was looking through it and noticed the picture of me and asked if she knew me.

Two weeks later, I answered a call from South Dakota during my afternoon study, and she called herself Angela. Putting aside the textbooks, the night went on with deep conversation. I noticed the feeling of talking to a complete stranger, yet feeling a sense of complete trust in them, despite not knowing her at all. Hour by hour we noticed how coincidentally everything about us started to resemble, and fit with each other. I don’t know what prompted her to call, or why I stood out among the page full of other students. I do know that I am a happier person because of it. Not a day goes by without a short email saying hello, or a phone call to talk about the days events. The stress filled month melted away with every laugh, smile, and silence.

I believe that everyone has a soulmate and can find their soulmate. Then and only then can I be truly happy.

And I am, because I have found my soulmate.

This I believe.