Seeing Through My Parent Eyes

Katelin - findlay, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Where you the one in high school that always had a curfew? Did you ever wonder what you did wrong to cause your parents to be so strict? Did you argue with your parents because of their dumb rules? I asked myself these questions many times. Turning eighteen can bring big changes to a teens life or it can remain the same. I believe that my life changed for the better when I turned eighteen. When you are younger, your parents are your umbrella, shielding you from all of the trouble you might come across. I always thought of my parents as my enemy. They were those who would not let me stay out late or do all the things everyone else got to do. Looking at them on the outside you might think they were no fun and didn’t want to let me grow up. Now I realize that they were just protecting me while trying to guide me down the right path. I think that they are still guiding me down the right path but in a different way. I used to think that they were out to get me now I feel like they are my safe blanket. When I come home on breaks my parents make all my worries go away and support me in all of my decisions I make. Being able to see their support towards me makes everything difficult in my life ten times easier. When I go home they give me much more freedom than before. Instead of setting rules they let me decide what I think is best for me to do. They treat me as an equal. That has changed because I am now considered an adult and they now treat me as one. When they treat me as an adult it helps me act like one. I am better at managing my money, and making decisions about people I meet. I have opened my eyes to so much more that I never saw. Now that I am older I realize my umbrella is gradually becoming smaller, and I am faced with more difficulties to overcome. While all of this is happening I will always have that safe blanket to cover me whenever I need it. I can now see through my parent’s eyes.