Sometimes Blind Hope is the best kind

Gianni - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe in Harvey Dent… Well, more specifically I believe in the blind hope that Harvey Dent represented. You see, Harvey Dent in Batman asked the citizens of Gotham to place their city’s criminal future into his hands. The city had always been plagued by high crime, so hoping that someone out there could put an end to it was a tough thing to do. In the end, it was the hope that Harvey Dent established inside the citizens that would help propel Gotham into a new age of justice, not Harvey Dent himself.

But in my life, in the real world outside of that of the comic book tale of “Batman”, I to believe that sometimes things will just… work out. This blind hope I believe in is what I use to carry me through hard time in my life. When my father passed away January when I was 9, (my parents having been divorced since I was 2), I had nothing to go on but blind hope that something good would happen to our family. And it did. My mother (we lived in California) was set up by my aunt (who lived in Idaho) to talk to a man (in New Jersey) over the phone. One year later, in August, we left California, moved to New York, moved in with this man named Michael, and in that year my life would be changed forever, I was 10. He became the father figure in my life; the new one after the old had been taken away from me. He taught me responsibility, trust, helped (and is still helping) me understand the world, and my mother was happy for what seemed the first time in 9 years to me. Between my fathers death, and my move to New York, something odd had happened that caused my far away aunt to set up two strangers from across the nation who would meet, become married, and raise me and my brother (and step sister) to become all that we can be. And that is what I feel I am becoming.

I am 16 now, and I still feel that it was these events, these strange, life altering events that fill my life, whether it was my father and grandparent’s deaths, the addition of a sister in my family, or even my brother moving away, that caused me to trust in this blind hope, this idea that something will come out of nothing to guide me, to help me, to lend me a hand, to change my life. I believe in blind hope; I believe, in Harvey Dent.