Grin and Bare it

Erich - lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Running is a seemingly positive activity with beneficial results. I try to run a couple times a week to stay in shape and maintain good health. Normally, although tiring and sometimes painful, I enjoy running. However, one particular run turned out to be a disaster.

I had about an hour before my next class, and it was a cold sunny day outside. I bundled up, laced my shoes, hydrated, and headed out.

Ordinarily I run a route around a small lake, but this was no ordinary experience. Instead of continuing around the lake, I veered off into a neighborhood on the other side. I was about to turn around and head back, when I suddenly felt the urge to use the restroom. This type of urge did not come in liquid form, but solid. And like a race horse out of the starting blocks, it was ready to burst out. The majority of my body wanted to let it go and be done with it, but my reasoning told me to hold it in.

I ran quickly and carefully back to the lake, where I knew of some restrooms. I arrived 15 minutes later, and to my dismay, I found the bathroom locked. Not being able to open the door, with a toilet a mere five feet inside, was demoralizing to my confidence.

I was now operating on a reserve supply of determination and hope. The school was 15 minutes away, so I decided to make a run for it. After about ten seconds of running the urge became unbearable and I could no longer run and clench at the same time. I began to walk and now had a 35 minute journey until sweet relief. With every passing second gravity was working against me, making the pain worse. Never had I craved porcelain so much in my life.

Eventually my weary eyes turned everything I saw into toilets. The house I walked by had a beautiful yard with a toilet in the middle, and a lovely walkway lined with them on both sides. The temptation became too much and I bee lined it for a cluster of trees in the first yard I could find. What happened in those trees, I am not proud of, but it was the single greatest feeling of relief I have ever experienced. I made a mistake that no one should make, but ever since then I have established a firm and unwavering belief. I believe everyone should go to the bathroom before going on a run. Not only does this story provide support for my belief, but it also taught me an important lesson: Plan ahead, be prepared, and don’t get caught in a bad situation.