life is an art

andy - chattanooga, Tennessee
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe life is a work of art. The artist creates a wonderful painting of their life by working hard and planning their future. Since we were born, we have had the opportunity to prepare our future. It is like having a blueprint when we draw something important. We make the blueprint of our life when we were students. People do their job like artists filling in the color of their art after having drawn a blueprint. Finally, we retire when we are old and try to feel satisfied by what we have done when we were young, and we can enjoy the piece of art that we created.

In the beginning of life, we need to make a sketch for our life. Knowing what we want to be, and the abilities that will be needed for our future is really important. Since people started to prepare their future when they are young, they would have a firm dream for their future. For example, I wanted to be a doctor since I was very young. Therefore, I studied science and math harder than other subjects. In addition, whenever I saw news about doctors or events that were related with medical field, I tried to understand what was happening at that time in the world. This is like having a good sketch before we complete a wonderful drawing.

To me, the man who has lived the most beautiful and most artistic life is Bill Gates. When he was young, he loved computers so much. At that time, computers were not popular like today. Therefore, to use a computer he had to sneak into the school lab. He had a passion for his dream. He wished people could use computers easily like a TV or radio. He was interested in making computer programs since he was very young. He had a certain dream and a sketch for his future. This is a big reason for his success.

Bill Gates created Windows 95 in 1995 after he dropped out of Harvard. Windows 95 gave to a huge success to Bill Gates. He became one of the richest men in America. However, he did not stop working. Moreover, he worked harder and harder and created a better Windows system. Many people in the world have admired Bill Gates not only because he created Windows system but also because he helped a lot of poor people. He donated about 23.5 billion dollars to other people. Now, he is happy and enjoying his accomplishments from his past.

I believe everyone can have a wonderful life like a beautiful picture. For example, Bill Gates has lived the life of artist even though he is computer engineer. If we try to have a beautiful life as much as a wonderful picture from a great artist, we need to plan our life and work hard. Then we can be so happy and satisfied by our beautiful accomplishment when we are even old and do not work anymore.