Bryllan - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I believe in freedom. Freedom is an important necessity for all persons. Everyone should have some sense of freedom, weather it be freedom in general, or freedom to make decisions, it’s a need everyone has to fulfill. Freedom is important to me because I’ve seen both sides of the ‘spectrum’. I know what its like to have complete freedom in every way, and then I know how I feel when I have no freedom at all. Freedom is so important that it was written into the Declaration of Independence. “It shall be freedom, liberty, and justice for all.” I believe in freedom because it’s so important to everyone.

Having complete decision and making wise decisions is a good thing for a person to have. People will enjoy doing what they like most, when they want, etc. There aren’t many constraints which will hinder them. They’ll most likely be in a great mood most of the time, and be really great people to be around. Not having freedom, however, will completely change a person. This concept can be witnessed just by visiting a prison, or by studying the people who were in prison camps. These people were just focused on survival and did, will do anything to survive. There it’s every man for himself. A person can get very aggressive or agitated when freedom is taken away. This is because everyone enjoys this basic need. Freedom is however a privilege. Not making wise decisions or choosing to do the wrong thing will at most times get your freedom taken away. Once it’s lost, it can be hard to regain.

I believe in Freedom. Having certain freedoms is good for everyone. Freedom is a basic need for all people. Without freedom, things could be very nasty. So, with freedom, a person could grow and learn in many ways.