Floating on Ice

Lauren - South Burlington, Vermont
Entered on December 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I lay on my back, watching the large flakes fall from the sky, each fluffy piece melting on my warm jacket. I can feel the cold ice on my back, but I life the feeling. I find comfort with slick ice underneath me. I continue to lay on this hard, clear mass of ice, which has given me so many bruises all winter. Each moment in time passes by; as I reflect on the possibilities the ice gives me. I finally regain the strength to pull myself up and I begin to skate again. I can feel the frigid winter air, whipping my face, as I pick up speed. I swivel back and forth, feeling as if I’m not even on my feet. I lose my balance only once, letting one knee crash to the ground, causing a sharp pain, shooting up my leg. The pain seems worth it. I enjoy those freeing of being free, while I continue to glide along effortlessly.

I began to play hockey when I was very young. I have always loved skating. One of my friends was playing for a girl’s team and I thought it would be fun. The minute I got a stick in my hand, I felt unstoppable. I picked up the skills quickly, which made this game seem like more fun. I felt as though this was my thing, my calling.

Whenever I play hockey, I feel as if I’m free. I love the way the ice allows me to move. The limits are endless. When I have all my padding on, it’s as if I am indestructible. I feel as though I can do anything. My padding will cushion any fall. This makes all my movement endless. Each time I step out on the ice, a feeling of excitement sparks inside me. I swear, at times I can skate better than I walk. Without having hockey in my life, I would feel empty. Hockey keeps my life exciting. It makes me feel as though I have something to cherish. I have something in my life that holds a special place in my heart. Hockey has been a very larger part of my life and has given me something to look forward to. There is a feeling of freedom and satisfaction when I step out onto the ice. This feeling is something that I believe that everyone should encounter at some point throughout their life. I believe that everyone should have something to look forward to, something to believe in. I believe that everyone should have something special to cherish. An activity to that makes you feel great no matter what type of mood you’re in. I believe in hockey.